Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birth Control

It is amazing how reluctant the American society was to providing birth control. It was not until 1965 that married couples were allowed the right to birth control. That just blows my mind because seeing how much money our country puts aside for federal assistance, which is given largely to single mothers. Also there is an ongoing problem with children in orphanages and there is many children that are not adopted in their life. And there are also a lot of children that are not given the proper care and opportunities because their parents were not ready to have a child. 
When this issue arrises I always think of my good friend whose parents were not ready to have a child when they had him. He has suffered almost all of his life because his parents did not care if he never did his homework, his parents never cooked dinner he always had to prepare his own, his parents were never in his life when he was growing up and it made it more challenging for him to create his own path and actually succeed. Luckily for him he is a very motivated man and has created his own life, but his sister on the other hand is a 5th year junior (in high school) and does not show great signs of graduating let alone creating her own path in life. I am not saying that it is better for a child to have no life than a bad life, but you also have to think if it is really fair to the child. Is it fair that my friend was born to a 19 year old mother, who had not finished high school, whose dad was not supportive and did not give a crap about his that fair? I think that birth control is the smartest thing that women who are not ready to have a child can do for herself. 

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  1. I agree. Although the idea of limiting a child of life is frightening, I have also met and know of stories of children born to unloving families. One of the worst places a child can be is in a family where they are unloved. The effects of that last their entire life and are often passed on to their children, leaving a legacy of unloved children. So... create a world void of love, or use birth control?!?!