Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Household Work

While in high school I really never thought of the large burden that regular household work takes out of your day. Moving into my apartment was a real eye opening experience. All I have to do is make sure my room is clean, do my laundry, clean my bathroom and cook my meals and I complained all the time about that work. Now I look back on all the work that my mom did on the average day while working full time. I am one of three girls and not only would she work 8-4 but then she would come to all of our activities cook dinner and then she would wait until we went to bed before doing the housework because she wanted to spend time with us. If you think about it in an average day a mother would make breakfast, pack lunches, make dinner, do a few loads of laundry, clean up the kitchens, possibly do the dishes or vacuum and then deal with all the activities and planning for the family. I feel like all of this work is really overlooked, I mean I know that I have overlooked it many times, especially because most of the time my mom at least tried to do the work when we were sleeping or out of the house. 
I think that as the years have passed my family as a whole has respected the work that is done around the house by my mom. Recently my dad started working out of the house, so he has tried to help out a little here and there to take some work off my mom. So he currently does a lot of the work that she used to do (except cooking and laundry, he's not so good at that haha.) But since he has been helping out I have seen that my sisters and I also try and help out a little more here and there. I feel like this really takes some of the stress off my mom, because although this work is not really recognized and taken into account as actual work women do put a lot of hours into this work and without it a house would not be able to function the way it does with out this. 

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  1. Reading your post really puts my experience into perspective with my mom and the amount household work she does daily. I had a very similar family experience with my mom doing majority if not all of the household work, and I definitely overlooked that growing up in her house. Household work is something that tends to go virtually unnoticed by everyone else until it no longer is taken care of by that individual.