Thursday, June 24, 2010

Racism in the first wave

When listening to the online module it shocked me that  Stanton, Anthony and other feminist refused to endorse amendment because it did not give women right to vote. I feel that women and African Americans were pursuing the same interest, equality. While other feminist supported the right for African Americans to vote because they felt that it would lead to the right of women to vote some feminist like Stanton and Anthony said they would never support it. It really shocked me because throughout the women suffrage movement African Americans supported the women and helped them seek equality because they were another subordinate group. This attitude towards the advancement of African Americans made them lose support that they had with others such as Fredrick Douglass. Black women were sometimes even denied membership into white feminist groups. While not all women were racist it still blows my mind that some feminist were aiming for equality yet they were not acting in an equal manner in the mere fact that they did not support others that were suffering. 

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