Saturday, June 19, 2010

What type of feminist am I?

I had no idea that there were that many types of feminist. I always knew that some feminist were more "extreme" then others in the fact that some push for equal rights in a more "in your face" way then others. But the fact that all of these groups are focused on the same overlying goal but they push for different little goals in order to achieve some since of equality. 
Although I cannot personally relate, I find that multi-cultural feminism is the most interesting. This states that women of color face barriers that must be overcome and that not all oppression is created equal it depends on social construction. I never really thought about the difference that women of different races face, I kind of always grouped women together and believed their path towards equal rights as the same. Multiple systems of domination affect the lives of women and men, whether it is race, gender, social class or sexual orientation. So obstacles may vary from woman to woman. And what gender means to us and others and how it affects our lives differs between people. I think that it is really important when discussing rights and goals of women is to acknowledge the different spheres of injustices affect groups differently. And this also compels us to recognize how intersections among multiple social locations, or standpoints, shape individual lives and structure society. I think that this sheds light on the need for more than one type of feminist. Not all women are the same therefore not all women will push for the same things and therefore those that come from similar standpoints come together to push for their needs and wants. 

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