Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is woman's studies?

When signing up for woman's studies I originally was doing it just to fulfill my track for my major. During maymester I took gendered communications and I learned that gender and the performance of your gender really fascinates me. I was interested to study more about gender through a "female lens" and I am very excited to learn more. I see myself as a "typical" female I am very sensitive, I cannot wait to have a family and be a mother, I put too much pressure on myself to please others and I put a lot of peoples feelings before I do my own. I am interested to learn more about how stereotypical characteristics of women and men came to be.
The word feminist brings about many different feelings from many different people. As we learned in module two many stereotypes of feminist are that they are lesbian male hating women. While many feminist are married females and some are even males these stereotypes come from people who fail to get to understand who feminist are and what they stand for. I believe that feminist are people who strive for equal rights and opportunities between males and females. I also feel that feminist try and rid society of inequalities in institutions that are fueled by stereotypes for each gender. I do believe that female equality has come a long way since the start of the second wave feminist. Although there are an increased number of women in managerial positions and increased men being stay at home fathers there are still many institutional changes that have not been addressed such as lack of mentors for females, exclusion of females in informal networks, glass ceilings and brick walls. These informal practices or unwritten understandings limit women from being able to fulfill their goals. 
I also feel like the stereotypes that come along with being a feminist have discourages many women from standing up for what they believe in and inequalities that they see. I think that changing the view of feminist and teaching ignorant people who feminist are and what qualities they are pushing for can help push women forward. I have to admit that I have at times not given certain groups the respect they deserve because of preconceived notions. Many feminist lack the respect from people that is needed in order to alleviate many inequalities. 

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